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The Works
of Regina Stinnett-Drake

The 1st book in this series of gothic vampire horror

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Child of Darkness

"Child of Darkness" is a fast paced novel steeped in secrets, fear, envy, addiction, obsession, and lust. The book depicts how a devastating trauma still courses through the veins of the survivors, mutating even the simplest of their relationships. More importantly lit adds a few new macabre twists to the Dracula legacy. Mina is scarred physically, spiritually and mentally from crossing over into the darkness. Over the course of the novel, she is given the chance to reclaim the dark love she was willing to die for and demonstrates just how far she is will to go to protect her son, Dracula's son.


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My yearning for a good scare I believe is a controlled distraction for the real horrors that prowl our realities; those of war, rape, and poverty. By choosing my terror, I have some say in allowing how I will allow it into my consciousness. Controlling the shape, it will take and at least in knowing it will end, thereby giving me some sense of power.

My deep love of Bram Stoker's Dracula goes back into my childhood. I have loved the many faces and retellings of the story, and this is my throwing my own hat into that ring. 

the questions I have tried to answer for myself are; What would it be like to be loved by someone who had lived so long and actually had some powers which hither to only belonged to God? How far would I go as a mother to protect my child created from such a man, being, a God? 

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Regina Stinnett-Drake lives in Las Vegas with her husband, cover artist, Damien Drake. Together they have three children, Brittney, Sage, and Dalton while owning a pool business in Nevada. Horror was and is always her first choice in reading, comics, grashics, and film.

Henry David Thoreau

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The second book is all about is about Quincey awakening to who his is and what to his legacy.

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Regina Stinnett-Drake

1571 Pawnee Drive
Las Vegas, NV 89169


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